How to Control your Mind, His Holiness Swami Mukundanandaji

How to Control your Mind, His Holiness Swami Mukandanandji

Swara the Voice: Beautiful techniques to control the mind! Practice and detachment…two tools that Shree Krishna tells Arjun in the Bhagavad Gita! Swamiji explains these and emphasizes the value of practice and maintaining a spiritual dairy for self analysis.

To get free of this cycle of life and death forever, we need to stick to the lotus feet of God and Guru. This requires the control of mind, which further requires Practice (abhyas) & Detachment (vairagya). Detachment means to take the mind off from the negative side, not to get attached to worldly things. Detachment requires practice & effort. Practice too requires effort.


A must watch video!


Courtesy: JK Yog





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