Draupadi Murmu 15th President of India


    Swara the Voice:(21.07.2022), NDA candidate Draupadi Murmu has won the election to become the next president of India, defeating opposition candidate Yashwant Sinha by a wide margin.

    After the end of counting that spanned four rounds, Draupadi Murmu received 2,824 votes, the value of which is 6,76,803. Yashwant Sinha won 1877 votes valued at 3,80,177. She needed total 5,28,491 votes in terms of value, which she had already crossed after the third round of counting. The Secretary General of Rajya Sabha informed that total 4754 votes were polled, out of which 4701 were found valid and the rest 53 were invalid.

    “As 1st preference votes secured by Draupadi Murmu were greater than the requisite quota, I in my capacity as Returning Officer declare that she has been elected to office of President of India”, declared PC Mody, secretary general of Rajya Sabha.



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